devians association

As platform for debate and dissent we organize events and publish print and online media. Doing so we use creative commons licences, we do not work commercially and invest all donations in new projects.


Our self-statement

devians – [deˈvi̯anʦ] (in English: closest to deviance)

Deviance is a scarce good in times of a seeming lack of alternatives and persistent excess as a rule of everyday life. Against this backdrop, we see deviance as a strengthening of emancipatory forms of expression. It is therefore the association’s task to provide a platform for the development of alternatives and for people who are critically questioning existing social norms. Thereby, we seek to break down oppressive social structures.

Deviance means for us neither to tune into the dull chant of arbitrariness, nor to cheer the otherness for its own sake. Instead, we want to think through and realize progressive ideas together. We are aware that the devians collective does not operate in proverbial vacuum: When nationalism, sexism, anti-semitism, trans- and homophobia, ableism, etc. derail in parliament, in the media and the streets, all forms of structural and physical violence must be vigorously opposed.

Above all, we provide a platform for people affected by structural discrimination. This is another reason why we are interested in building up a network of members, authors and supporters as diverse as possible.

We see deviance as a call to a collective effort to organize and thus redesign everyday life together.

– devians-collective

Our statute

You can find the original German version of the statue of our association devians – plattform für debatte und dissens e. V. here.